How To Dry A Leather Wallet? -
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Have you ever biked home on a rainy day, with jeans? Chances that your leather wallet in your backpocket, are soeaked is pretty high. But don't worry. In this blog I will tell you how to dry it off, looking like the first time you got it.

Leather wallets... Most people have them. That is what differences adult from children. You would not have had the same problem if you had a velcro wallet i assume. But agian, then you're just not ole enough. 

Leather is extremely tough to fix or change, the only think that can change it is liquid and time passing by. With time passing by, there are not much to do. But with liquid? Keep following. 

  1. Wipe the wallet dry as possible.
  2. Le the wallet dry for sometime by it self, but not to much. Just so you feel like it can absorb oil (Next step)
  3. If your wallet is made of real quality leather, I suggest you oil it, so the leather doesn't crumb. You can use olive oil, but make sure to rub the oil into the leather vigorously and thoroughly. Make sure to be as even as possible with the oil. 
  4. Once the wallet is drying up, condition it with a leather conditioner. This will given it a smoother layer. 

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