How To Soften Leather Wallet?

Andrea Piacquadio -
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MoodingsNothing feels and smells better than a brand new leather wallet. It’s a true luxury good, that makes everyone happy when received. But, a new leather wallet can be quite hard and stiff, which is uncomfortable when keeping it in the pockets. 

In this article, we will give you a quick guide on how to soften a leather wallet fast, easy and effectively. 

How to soften leather wallets? Stuff two og three credit cards into each slot. Work the leather gently in your hands, and leave the cards in for around 10 minutes. Remove the cards after the 10 minutes has passed. Your leather wallet should not feel more loose and using it should be alot easier. 

There you go, it’s that easy. Within 15 minutes you can soften your leather wallet significantly. 

If you do not have enough cards for this method, or simply don’t want to do it this way, we do have another method you can use. It’s called the oil-method. This is how to do it: 

  1. Dab the corner of a white cloth in olive oil, and wring it. It should not be drippy, but still quite oily. 
  1. Open the wallet and lay it on a table. The wallet should lay with the outside facing you. 
  1. Rub the outside with the oily cloth. Leave the oil on for around half an hour, and wipe away the oil after.

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